Pads and die-cut gaskets

We process a wide range of materials in-house, including the EPDM rubber and foam families, bituminous materials, PVC and silicones. Our die-cut products have special characteristics such as elasticity and compressive strength, soundproofing, sealing capacity, flame and UV resistance, impermeability to water and chemicals as well as thermal fluctuations. Our gaskets and buffers are widely used in the automotive industry, performing a significant vibration and soundproofing function, but we also offer aesthetic solutions for the interior. The technical performance of our buffers allows for diverse use in many other sectors such as construction, carpentry, electronics, the white goods industry, the nautical industry, the sports industry, etc.

Expanded Polyurethane and Foam Rubber Tubing: Maximum Insulation and Versatility

Expanded polyurethane tubing, including those coated with a protective film, and foam rubber tubing are waterproof and vapor-proof solutions characterized by low thermal conductivity values. These flexible and adaptable materials find applications in various situations, from automotive use as anti-vibration elements for wiring to the insulation of electronic cables, helping to prevent heat loss and achieve significant energy savings.

TUBOLINEE: Innovation in Insulation and Silence

One of the most innovative products developed by Cleaning Industriale s.a.s. is TUBOLINEE, an adhesive-backed expanded material with unique characteristics. Designed to adhere perfectly to curved surfaces such as pipes, cables, and electrical wiring, TUBOLINEE provides excellent acoustic and thermal insulation, helping to reduce unwanted noise and enhance thermal efficiency.

RIMOFLEX® Glass Spacer Tabs: Innovation in Glass Packaging

The RIMOFLEX® glass spacer tabs, born out of years of experience in the glass industry, offer an innovative solution for glass packaging and handling. These spacers adhere to the glass without the use of adhesives, thanks to a system of micro-suction cups that are not visible to the naked eye. They leave no residue or marks on the surface. Available in various thicknesses and sizes.

Cleansulate: Innovative Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

Cleansulate is an innovative thermal and acoustic insulation material composed of non-woven fabric (TNT) fibers. Designed for both indoor and outdoor applications, Cleansulate is currently used in the automotive and marine sectors. This material helps make environments quieter and more energy-efficient. The die-cutting process ensures a seamless edge welding, ensuring high-quality application.

Cork Rubber, Special Papers, and Silicone Material: Versatility and Performance

Cork rubber is used as an anti-vibration material and for sealing gaskets in various industrial applications. Special papers are employed in the industrial, automotive, and agricultural sectors due to their temperature and chemical resistance. High-performance silicone materials are currently primarily utilized in the automotive industry, particularly in sectors subject to high operating temperatures.

Insulating Panels: Maximum Energy Efficiency

Expanded polyurethane insulation panels, coated with plastic films, aluminum, or non-woven fabric (TNT), made from polyester fibers or recycled textiles, are ideal solutions for acoustic and thermal insulation in sectors such as automotive, agricultural machinery, industry, and construction. These materials contribute to ensuring comfort and energy efficiency in various contexts.

VELCRO: Official Retailers

Cleaning Industriale has the capability to die-cut or cut profiles in Velcro® materials and is recognized by Velcro® as an authorized retailer. Velcro® technology is employed as an effective and efficient solution for a wide range of industrial needs and has become a robust solution adopted by the automotive market in recent years.

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