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Experience and Reliability in Manufacturing

“Cleaning Industriale s.a.s. is a company with over 40 years of experience in the automotive sector, serving as a Tier 1 supplier for the Stellantis Group, with direct supply codes for both FCA and PSA. We are also Tier 2 suppliers to all major automotive brands worldwide, ranging from compact car manufacturers to luxury car producers and manufacturers of trucks and heavy machinery.”

Quality, Experience, and Innovation – Our Winning Formula

A Perfect Blend of Historical Experience and Modern Progress

Precision Cutting

Our production specializes in precision cutting processes (both total and kiss-cutting) of bituminous materials, foams, PVC, and silicones. Thanks to the presence of technologically advanced dual-head digital and automatic cutting systems, we are capable of reproducing small product samples or extensive production batches directly from the customer's CAD drawings. Additionally, we are able to perform cuts and milling on rigid materials such as plexiglass and wood.

Custom Adhesives and Solutions

The available technology within our company enables us to create profiles on a lathe and bond expanded materials with a wide range of adhesives tailored to each type of surface. Furthermore, thanks to a proprietary "technological solution," we are capable of producing polyurethane and polyethylene tubes through a longitudinal welding process, thus providing customized solutions that meet the specific needs of the demand.


The introduction of the latest 'INDUSTRIAL DIVISION' has allowed us to apply the already proven quality standards and sophisticated technical expertise to various sectors, achieving rapid and immediate success. Today, we are indeed present in the home appliance industry, medical field, sports sector, and we also manufacture components for construction and the naval sector.

Wide Range

Our production extends from soundproof and anti-vibration products to gaskets of every shape and kind, all the way to aesthetic products whose beauty adds value to the item on which they are applied. We are already suppliers of insulating pads for electric vehicle batteries, and therefore, we can meet stringent cleanliness and dust-free requirements for conductive materials.


Our ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 certifications confirm our commitment to consistently achieving the highest levels of quality in our manufacturing processes. The market has recognized our dedication and the high level of quality we have reached, allowing us to invest, grow, enhance our processes, and expand our markets. In the last 5 years, we have acquired three companies in the industry, two in Italy and one in France. Our growth is far from over, and new projects for future acquisitions are currently underway.


Processes Available in the Company

Processes Available in the Company
Our website wouldn’t be able to contain and showcase all our processes and the potential within the broad spectrum of our capabilities: it’s a humble repository of content, a brief presentation, and for this reason, we invite you to get in touch with us and meet our technical-sales team who will be delighted to present our solutions and all the features that make us so competitive in the market.

Die-Cutting (Flatbed)

Rotary Die-Cutting

Flatbed Continuous Die-Cutting

Digital and Automatic Dual-Head Cutting Solution (from CAD geometry)


Products and Materials

Our production range encompasses a wide diversity of items, ranging from soundproofing and anti-vibration technology to gaskets in every imaginable shape and type.

We are recognised as a supplier of insulating pads for electric vehicles, meeting the strictest standards of cleanliness and the necessary absence of contaminants in conductive materials.

We are passionate about innovation, but we also bring to industrial manufacturing a historical know-how and experience that we hold as dearly as we are proud of.

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